Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


1. The desire / plan,
2. Inauguration of Intent With Implementation
a. preparation
b. departure,
c. Receive Lesson - + 6 Hours.
--- a). Preparation of records, books, stationery and other
--- b). Reviewing the existing,
--- c). Opening a new lesson, (reading, writing, memorizing, skills)
--- d). Information,
--- e). Practice / Pilot,
--- f). Questions and Answers,
--- g). discussion,
--- i). Daily testing of the final subjects,
--- j). Duties at Home (Home Work),
--- k). And the other to finish,
d. Return / go. - + 2 Hours,
e. Rest - + 8 Hours
e. Spare time from home to learn more:
--- a). Movies, entertainment, play, eat, pray, etc.. - + 5 Hours,
--- b). Learning at home - + 3 Hours with rotin.
--- c). Make home a place of rest, quiet and basic moral education of children,
--- d). Prioritizing learning diniyah,
--- e). Association must be maintained,
--- g). Navigate to the benefits,
--- i). Implementation Schedule for orderly (Eat, play, prayer, study and rest),
--- f). Do not loose guidance in any case, if it does not represent keorang trusted to educate,
--- g). And other things that benefit, useful and a silver lining.
3. The cost,
4. Sobar in learning,
5. Teachers who can demonstrate a well,
6. Long time.

Taken from Imam Burhan Ta'limul Mutaalim opinion!.
ألا لاتنال العلم إلا بستة سأمبيك عن مجموع وجمال: دكاء, وحرس, وبلغة, واصتبار, وارشاد الأستاذ, وطول الزمان

How then do we with our children everyday ?.... Let's learn together!.